Missing Ship

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I don’t want this to be a downer because I am extremely excited about the Parade of Sail this weekend at Beaufort and Morehead City. But there is one missing ship that should be there. The Elizabeth II will remain moored at Manteo as part of a popular state historic site. The E-2 is a 69 foot, square rigged replica of a sailing vessel used to transport the first colonists to the New World in 1585. Its maiden voyage from Manteo to Beaufort occurred in 1985 and I had the privilege of tagging along. I know it takes a great deal of work to put the crew together for something like this but everyone would have loved to see it in Beaufort this weekend as part of the Tall Ships Festival. Efforts were made to include the Elizabeth II in the tall ships fleet but the state decided to keep it berthed at Manteo for what will be busy holiday weekend. The E-2 is a gorgeous craft and would have been a graceful and regal addition to Saturday morning’s parade featuring 13 tall ships from around the world.