The Perfect BLT Sandwich

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A huge debate is raging in the WRAL newsroom this morning. I want you to weigh in with your opinions. The question is: how do you build the perfect bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. I am flexible on some of the ingredients but when it comes to the spread I am adamant. Lynda Loveland and Valonda Calloway ganged up on me and said the ONLY spread allowed on their BLTs is Miracle Whip. I am nearly as inflexible. Miracle Whip adds a gross sweetness to the tomato which is already sugary enough. I prefer Duke’s Mayonnaise but can tolerate real Heilmann's. Duke's adds the perfect lubrication to one of summer’s culinary delights. Friend Bob Inskeep says the perfect BLT cannot be complete without Wonder Bread. I actually prefer toasted rye bread but pumpernickel is fine and so are thick slices of sour dough bread. I agree with Mark Roberts. The tomato must be a juicy garden grown variety. Crisp slices of bacon are imperative. Plus, fresh lettuce on top. Not to mention the perfect dash of salt and pepper. Hey, I even like ripe avocado slices on my BLTs for variety. But please don’t ruin your BLT with Miracle Whip. It’s like pouring maple syrup on pimento cheese. Blasphemy.