Beating the Heat Week: Part Three

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You can beat the heat at the beach this week. But if you're looking for the coolest coastal spot try an Outer Banks location in Dare County. Of course, you could also visit Ocracoke which is in Hyde County. Daytime highs on the Outer Banks typically run 10 degrees cooler than Raleigh. You've got that nice ocean breeze and the Outer Banks region is surrounded by water which adds to the cooling effect. There is one exception: Jockey's Ridge. Check out the website for the state park at Nags Head and it warns of: "HOT! HOT! HOT! – The sand on the dunes is incredibly hot during the summer months. On average, the sand will be 25 to 30 degrees hotter than the air temperature, so when it's 95 degrees, the sand will be 125 degrees. Remember this if you feel like going barefoot." Here is another interesting fact. The Outer Banks have the most consistent temperature of any area in North Carolina. WRAL Meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner describes it this way: "Water doesn't cool off or heat up as quickly as land." So you don't see as many fluctuations in temperature along the Outer Banks. I do remember one live TV report I did at the Bonner Bridge in January. The wind cut like a machete. I have never been that cold in my life. Your favorite spots on the Outer Banks? I'd love to hear from you.