Washington Trip

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Great family trip to Washington, DC this weekend! So much to do! Never really enough time. The Metro system was wonderful but not too good. We still logged plenty of miles on the shoe leather express. The most powerful visit was to the Holocaust Museum. You leave there almost sick to your stomach wondering how could humanity steep so low fewer than 70 years ago. Everyone should see this powerful two to three hour program on the evils of Nazi Germany and the reluctance of the rest of the world to get involved to stop the atrocities. We were also impressed with the national history museum stuffed full of meaningful artifacts related to war, pop culture and presidential politics. I even got to snap a shot of the ruby red slippers from the Wizard of Oz. We thoroughly enjoyed visiting the new National World War II Memorial. It was quite impressive with its flowing fountains and state-by-state tribute. The Wall honoring those brave soldiers who died in Vietnam is always a powerful stop. My son was overwhelmed by the sense of reverence there. We all loved the National Gallery of Art. The crowds weren’t too thick there but the art was rich and varied from Van Gogh and Monet to Rembrandt and Gilbert Stuart. A treasure trove of European and American art all for the admission of zero. Let us hear about your Washington vacations!