Cool Comfort Food

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Desert the diet today for some refreshing dessert! When it's this hot it's time for Cool Comfort Food. What is your favorite? This morning I find myself yearning for "shave ice!" Yes, that's shave and not "shaved" ice. It is an Hawaiian specialty but surely someone must make it around here. No, those aren't snow cones you are looking at. Shave Ice is much more sophisticated. Snow cones are composed of crushed ice and fruit syrup. Often they are re-frozen and when you get them they're pretty much one chunk of flavored ice. Shave Ice takes a fancy machine. The ice is actually cut from a large block into a fine powder so it's easy to eat. Then it's topped with exotic tropical fruit flavors. Kids love the rainbow shave ice which comes in a combination of strawberry, orange and blue vanilla. I tried the shave ice at the world famous JoJo's in Kauai. Here in this humble hole-in-the-wall wonder they put shave ice on top of ice cream. I had some chocolate and butterscotch combination that was out of this world! Please help me find some shave ice in North Carolina. And share your favorite Cool Comfort Food.