Coolest Carolina Names

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Back in the days before air conditioning North Carolinians sought refuge from the summer swelter by traveling to special places. These getaways included bodies of water, thickets of dense forest and airy mountains. I have come up with a list of the Coolest Carolina Names. Lets begin with Shady Grove. Communities with this name are found in Davie, Yadkin and Sampson counties. There is a also a place called Shady Banks in Beaufort County. You might want to take a dip in Cucumber Creek in Alamance County. Or you could bask in the breeze high atop Cold Mountain in Haywood County. What is it about lemons that seem to neutralize the sizzle of summer? Visit the fine folks of Lemon Springs near Sanford. North Carolina has two Cool Springs? Do you know where they are? Well, one is near Statesville and the other is near Rutherfordton. You could chill in Cooleemee, a community in Davie County. Those are the cool names and places I could think of. Elizabeth Gardner added three more. You could defeat the heat by going to Mint Hill near Charlotte, Mount Airy in the foothills or Sea Breeze along the coast. It sure beats going to Frying Pan Shoals, Hothouse, NC or Huggins Hell!