From Moonshots to Cornmeal

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Jack Dellinger is quite a man! The NC State University engineering school graduate and former Cary resident has restored a rich part of history near Roan Mountain. Do yourself a favor this summer and visit Jack's grist mill on Cane Creek near Bakersville in Mitchell County. Jack's journey has been fascinating. As a computer software pioneer Jack helped put man on the moon in the Apollo space program. Today Jack is helping put man in touch with his past. The Dellinger Grist Mill is unique. It is North Carolina's only surviving small, private, water-powered mill built to serve the community. Jack says the mill has been in his family for over 140 years. Jack's restoration work was completed in 1997 and the mill was placed on the.National Register of Historic Places in 1998. Jack grinds corn into cornmeal and grits. It's great stuff! I've tried it! Jack is proud of his heritage as he should be. As he puts it: "I utilize the same time-honored methods and machinery my ancestors used. " Dellinger Grist Mill is open every third week of the months May-September, every day except Sundays in October and November. As Jack puts it: "we will grind corn, conduct tours and have demonstrations." The next big weekend at the mill is August 19-21. You can learn more by checking out Jack's website at From moonshots to cornmeal Jack Dellinger has taken many giant steps. Come to the mountains and celebrate a mild mannered man and his marvelous mill!