Best Brisket

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I’m probably not going to win any friends with this but I like all types of barbecue. I grew up in the foothills and enjoyed Lexington style pork barbecue. My first job out of UNC was in Raleigh at WKIX and I grew to love to downeast barbecue. Then I lived in Texas for three years and fell in love with barbecued beef brisket. I’ve missed that awesome smoky taste since returning to Tar Heel turf. However, I recently came across a tasty brisket sandwich at the Q Shack in Durham. Man, that was gpod! The tender beef and perfect sauce made for a great lunch. The News & Observer reports that Dixie Belle’s in Apex serves up brisket that would top the Texans in many cases. I’d like to hear from you. Where can we find the best brisket across Carolina? I worked in Houston with pilot Dave Hale who cooked a mean brisket. He said there were several keys: a stainless steel smoker grill with wood chips of dry mesquite, pecan and oak for indirect heat, moisture in the bottom of the cooker, a heat deflector to prevent hot spots and the perfect soppin’ sauce. I’m getting hungry. How about you?