This Proud Uncle!

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I am a very proud uncle this morning! My nephew Matthew Green (with the scruffy beard on the left) is basking in the international spotlight today. Today Matt and a college buddy shattered the record for the quickest trip around the entire subway system in New York. They zipped through every Metro station in 24 hours and two minutes snapping a record set 8 years ago by better than one hour. The feat followed five months of studying train maps and schedules. Matthew is a transportation engineer in New York. I have always admired his sense of adventure. Every summer he tries to do something fun and unusual. One year Matthew and other friends from college tried to see how many different major league baseball games they could travel to in a week. Another summer they drove to Alaska and swam in the Arctic Ocean just to say they did it. My sister Miriam is always shaking her head when asked what Matthew will be doing next. No telling! But you know it will be fun. Forgive my bragging but Matthew was a high school valedictorian and Redman scholar at the University of Virginia. He works hard, plays hard and likes to do it faster than anyone else. Next year Matthew will get married to a beautiful classmate he met in Charlottesville. I just hope he keeps his adventuresome spirit. What about you? How do you keep your spirit of adventure alive? Please share!