Rave Review Restaurant Report: Maximillians

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I truly get excited every time I go to Maximillians in Cary. Saturday night marked my third visit and once again I was thoroughly delighted. Michael and Gayle Schiffer's fusion cuisine lends itself to a lot of colorful and spicy creations in the kitchen. I started off with a grilled caesar salad which was a meal itself. I loved the smoky flavor. When was the last time you had grilled lettuce? Then I plunged into the seafood special because it ranked 3 on a spicy scale of 4 and I was in a mood for adventure. The combination of grilled shrimp, scallops with "very" fresh spinach pasta, asparagus, and some peppery spices was terrific. Wow! Some incredible flavors! My wife ordered a chicken dish on the main menu. It was equally interesting and rich in zesty flavors. Chicken can be pretty boring but not at Maximillians. During previous visits we enjoyed sauteed calamari, salmon and fire pan Voodoo tuna. Helpings are very generous. You'll usually take some home with you. I usually get a good workout at the gym before going so I can eat and savor each bite without the guilt. Entree prices range from $15-$21. The wine selection is outstanding. Lynda Loveland says the desserts are fabulous. I have always been too full to go there. I hate to wait so I usually go by 6:00P.M. with my name on the call ahead list. Please share your experiences at Maximillians. I think it is clearly one of the area's finest.