The Banker's Sandwich

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It's the end of August and I still can’t get enough of fresh tomatoes. What a bumper crop we’ve had this year! Men mellow with age, you know. I have come down from my high horse of purity! I am willing to tolerate variations of the sacred bacon, lettuce and tomato combination that we blogged about on July 12. Last night I tried what I like to call the Banker’s Sandwich. You know, the BB&T. That’s bacon, basil and tomato. A “financial feast!” Everything has to be fresh. Only Duke’s Mayonnaise, of course. Okay, the days of vine ripened tomatoes are numbered. Before you know it Jack Frost will commit his murderous run along those precious vines of green and red. Let us celebrate the terrific tomato. What are your favorite recipes? And while you’re thinking about it check out these lyrics from folk singer Connie Kaldor who wrote the song “I Love Tomatoes:” I’ve got tomatoes in my pocket and tomato colored clothes. I carry a tomato everywhere I go. I’ve got tomatoes on my windowsill, tomatoes on my bed. I sleep each night with a tomato on my head.