Pops & Pops in the Park

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22 years ago this Labor Day weekend Pops was born. That’s double Pops. WRAL TV put on its first Pops in the Park concert with the North Carolina Symphony. That same weekend I became “Pops” for the first time. That’s what my daughter Lauren still calls me. Lauren was born the same weekend of the first Pops concert. The weather was sunny and beautiful just like it is this weekend. This weekend Lauren is home from college to celebrate her birthday. She is a senior at Appalachian State and destined to be an elementary school teacher. That has been her dream since the 5th grade and I am very proud of her. Lauren has worked hard and done very well in school and I know she will be an excellent teacher. By the way, the first Pops in the Park concert in Raleigh was held at Pullen Park and the second one at Meredith College. It has since been moved to Booth Amphitheatre at Regency Park in Cary. I’m helping out with narration during this year’s performance by the NC Symphony. Two years ago I played with the NC Symphony along with my musical group “Lorica.” What are your best Labor Day memories? How about you? Please share!