North Carolina's Best Pizza

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Pain never felt so good. My first taste of pizza. You know. The roof of the mouth burn. I ate my first slice of pizza in Charlotte where my grandparents lived. Morganton wasn't exactly a bastion of Italian cuisine back in those days. But the big city of Charlotte had the Open Kitchen on West Morehead Street. That wedge of pepperoni packed a powerful punch of flavor. The best I've ever tasted? Well, one of the best. I started thinking about pizza this past weekend when my daughter shared her pie from The Loop in Cary. The Loop makes great pizza. Their newest one is called the Mediterranean and it is awesome! The Loop is on Kildaire Farm Road next to the Farmington Woods subdivision. Other great pizza in my humble opinion? Well, Amedeos on Western Boulevard in Raleigh has some great pizza. Same for Cinelli's. I also like Mellow Mushroom. I hear Lilly's at Five Points in Raleigh is top notch although I have never had the pleasure of tasting it. What do you think? What is North Carolina's best pizza? Please include information on toppings and crust. We will crown the King of Carolina Pizza!