Best Pizza Poll

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Pizza is even more popular than pimento cheese in North Carolina! You proved that with your overwhelming response to our North Carolina’s Best Pizza blog. Thank you for all of your nominations. We will take this unscientific poll a step further now. The pizza restaurants that received the most recommendations on the blog and emails to me will now face off in the final competition. We will cut off the voting next Monday morning. Please vote for one of the following restaurants and limit yourself to one vote. And while you’re getting your thoughts together on the best pizza, ponder this news story today from the Farmer’s Almanac. It says what you like on your pizza says a lot about your personality. If you prefer one meat topping on your pizza you’re probably an irritable, argumentative procrastinator. (Sweeping statements like that really irk me, you know!) Natural leaders, according to the Almanac, choose non traditional toppings such as pineapple. And if you want a mate who will make a good parent look for someone who orders veggie pizza. Again, vote for one of the following restaurants.

Nominees for North Carolina’s Best Pizza (listed alphabetically)

Amedeo’s – Raleigh
Capital Creations – Raleigh
Italian Pizzeria – Durham & Chapel Hill
Lilly’s – Raleigh
Mellow Mushroom – Raleigh
Milton’s – Raleigh
Open Kitchen – Charlotte
Peppers – Chapel Hill
Piccola Italia – Raleigh