Best Pizza Poll Results

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I promise you. I did not vote. I wanted to leave it up to you. But Amedeo’s does hold a special place in my heart. I took my wife there on our first date many years ago. We also went to Amedeo’s for dinner following our afternoon wedding. And the night before my daughter Lauren was born, guess where we ate? You’ve got it. Amedeo’s on Western Boulevard in Raleigh. Okay, you ask: ‘But, Bill, you’re an obnoxious Carolina grad and fan. How can you put up with all that NC State memorabilia at Amedeo’s?” Well, I grew up a State fan and then went to Carolina. I like both schools. Enough background. Amedeo’s comes out on top in my first North Carolina’s Best Pizza Poll. Here are the top five as voted by you:

1. Amedeo’s
2. Lilly’s and Mellow Mushroom (a tie)
3. Piccola Italia (Frank’s pizza is awesome)
4. Milton’s
5. Capital Creations & Open Kitchen (tie)