Raleigh Song is Completed!

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Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas on the Raleigh song. I’ll be singing it tonight at Meymandi Hall for the second annual Raleigh Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts. Tonight’s version will be simplified – just me and my guitar. If folks like the song I will add an orchestral arrangement to it for next year. In addition I believe the words lend themselves to video. So I will try to arrange a video version of the song. I crafted the lyrics based on my own love of Raleigh and your thoughts on this wonderful city. Thanks for all of your ideas, insights and encouragement. Okay. Here are the lyrics to the song we will call “Raleigh.” Please tell me what you think of it.

Where the acorns fall,
Where the trees grow tall,
Great ideas form,
Here where hearts are warm,
With hospitality,
And rich diversity,
Where you can grow to be your best.

Raleigh, we love you Raleigh,
The lay of your land,
Your springtime so grand,
Spirit of your past,
Something we hold fast,
And the hope for a bright tomorrow.

Beneath the high rise steel,
Remains a small town feel,
A sweet and genteel grace,
To this vibrant place,
Concerts in the park,
Fireworks after dark,
A perfect place to launch your dreams.

(repeat chorus)

Summer is serene,
Along these trails of green,
Laughter on the lawn,
Fiery autumn dawn,
Universities and stately agencies,
Robust heart and soul of the new South.

Home of champions,
And celebrations,
Home of heroes,’
Large and small,
Place of compassion,
And interaction,
Open hearts and open minds.

(repeat chorus)