My Favorite Marinade

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I have found that food fuels more discussion on this blog than any other topic. So I begin this segment with the following question: What is your favorite marinade? With great grilling weather on tap today lets get the debate started. Yesterday, I fired up the black metal box on my deck and delivered a delectable chicken dish to the Leslie family table. It wasn’t the cook. It was the marinade that made the difference. You probably have three favorites – one each for chicken, beef and seafood. My wife Cindy has a good teacher friend from upstate New York and she introduced us to Lupo's Spiedie marinades. Their lemon garlic marinade is absolutely awesome with chicken. The best I have ever tasted. I marinate boneless chicken breasts for about two hours before cooking. My favorite beef marinade is Stubb's out of Texas. While Spiedie's can be difficult to find, Stubbs is available at many area supermarkets. I love to cook filet mignon on the grill after marinading with Stubb's for about two hours. You will not be disappointed. Mark Roberts offers his own recipe for a beef tenderloin marinade: Equal parts of balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Mix in a dollop of dijon mustard and some rosemary. Sounds great! I love salmon and I enjoy different marinades. Teriyaki works well. So does Italian dressing. For something spicier try wasabi or sun dried tomato dressing.