Wandering Tribe of Apex

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I am a long time member of Cary Presbyterian Church. It is a growing congregation and includes a number of families from Apex. Yesterday at church the Apex members jokingly referred to themselves as The Wandering Tribe of Apex after their homes were evacuated last week during the chemical plant fire. I appreciate the humor of these “nomadic people.” I also appreciate the warmth of Cary members of the congregation who opened their homes to the displaced families. All it took was a phone call or an email and the doors of hospitality were open wide. I am always so impressed at how many good stories rise up out of bad news. During the chaos last Friday I received an unusual email from the friend of a troubled bride-to-be. Her wedding gown was stuck inside Medlin-Davis cleaners in downtown Apex. Her fear was that she would not be able to pick up her gown before her Saturday wedding. I mentioned this on the air during our continuing coverage of the chemical fire. Quicker than you can say “Peak of Good Living,” I received two emails from women offering to lend this troubled bride their own wedding gowns. Wow! What wonderful gestures! I was so impressed. I also received an email from an Apex business owner near the fire. This person was worried about recovering financial losses related to the closing of her business. I mentioned that email on the air and promptly received a succinct answer from an insurance specialist on what to do. I was more than happy to send that information on to the troubled business owner. Friday's wall-to-wall coverage left me exhausted but also exhilirated by the warm and creative show of goodwill by our viewers. I am awfully proud to be a part of this community!