Favorite Italian Restaurants

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With cooler weather coming this weekend I am craving Italian food. Hey, I know we've done the Best Pizza thing but lets broaden the discussion to Best Italian. I have so many favorites I don't know where to begin. I absolutely love the bowtie pasta with salmon in a pink sauce at Caffe Luna on Hargett Street in Raleigh. Another top notch dish in the same general area is pollo piccata or chicken breast with buttery lemon wine sauce at Vic's Ristorante Italiano in the Raleigh's City Market near Big Ed's. My wife can't make it through the winter without some good ole marinara sauce at Amedeo's on Western Boulevard. My son and I both thoroughly enjoy the meaty lasagna at Ragazzi's in Cary. Cinelli's in Cary is known for its great baked ziti and eggplant parmigiana and I covet their lasagna as well. My daughter is a huge fan of some of the vegetarian dishes at Maggiano's at Streets of Southpoint in Durham. Those are just for starters. I'm sure I will think of some others as I get ready to broadcast the Noon News. Gosh, I'm hungry. What about you? Where do you go for great Italian food and what do you order? Serve it up here - fresh and hot!