Bush, BBQ and the Best

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Where would you eat barbecue if you were the nation’s chief executive? President Bush chose Stamey’s in Greensboro during his Triad visit this week. His lunch stop has rekindled the debate over which NC restaurant serves up the best barbecue. What do you think? If you only had time for one more meal of good ole Carolina barbecue where would you go? Stamey’s is awfully good. It is Lexington-style barbecue which is tomato based. Many of you grew up on the downeast or vinegar version. I tell you – I love them both. I grew up on Lexington-style but after trips to Wilber’s, Scotts, King’s and many other great downeast eateries, it’s a toss up. Perhaps the very finest barbecue I ever consumed was at a wedding near Garner recently. The cook was Bill McDonald, a brilliant Nortel computer wizard and outstanding bluegrass musician and recording engineer. How can one man have so many talents? Okay. So what is the best barbecue restaurant and who is the best cook?