Best Cup of Coffee

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Chilly morning. Where can I find the best cup of coffee to warm me up? It's what a lot of people are thinking this morning. Maybe you like the sweet exotic stuff like gingerbread/pumpkin latte this time of year. Perhaps you like your java pretty simple: black and strong. Locally my personal favorite is Java Jive but I also really like Cup a Joe. My all time favorite cup of coffee came on vacation in a Captain Cook cafe on the big island of Hawaii. I'm sure my tastebuds were also swayed by the sweet and moist macadamia nut pie that I enjoyed that day. However, I loved that cup so much that I order a big batch of Kona coffee every fall directly from Hawaii and it usually lasts through most of the winter. 100% Kona coffee is expensive but you can save by ordering direct and if you're like me coffee is one of those important things that are worth the extra cost. My week day alarm goes off at 2:35A.M. and coffee is a necessity. I try to follow my doctor's advice and drink only moderate amounts. However, coffee, long the medical whipping boy, has recently been linked to a lot of health benefits. Recent studies show that coffee may lower the risk of colon cancer and gallstones. Okay. Please weigh in. Who has the best cup of coffee? What is the best brand and also who makes the best coffee maker? It's going to be a long cold winter so we need to be prepared.