Favorite North Carolina Films

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A rotten rainy day is on the way tomorrow. Let us make the most of it. Time to break out our favorite DVDs. What is your favorite film shot in North Carolina? I have compiled my top ten. In fact I may sit back and enjoy movies the whole weekend. Could be a lot of fun. The "Fugitive" with Harrison Ford tops my list. Remember the train wreck involving the bus? Elizabeth Gardner says the rusting remains can still be scene along the river banks up near Bryson City. I really loved "Last of the Mohicans" because of the awesome mountain scenery from Lake James and Chimney Rock. "Color Purple" was a cinematic marvel directed in North Carolina by Stephen Spielberg. "Green Mile" has roots in Blowing Rock. It's a long movie but I love it. Who could forget Peter Sellers in "Being There" filmed at the Biltmore House? "Dirty Dancing" has forever left its mark on the Lake Lure area. Some will surely rank "Bull Durham" as the best film ever shot in the Tar Heel state. Did you know that part of "Forrest Gump" was filmed at Grandfather Mountain? Okay, here is my top ten.

1. Fugitive
2. Forrest Gump
3. Last of the Mohicans
4. Green Mile
5. Bull Durham
6. Color Purple
7. Dirty Dancing
8. Being There
9. Rambling Rose
10. Talladega Nights