Best Breakfast Place

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Where do you go when you want a special breakfast? My week day routine is pretty boring. My alarm clock goes off at 2:35A.M. Shower. Shave. Shiver when I go down stairs to 60 degrees. Yes, we like to cut that thermostat way down on wintry nights. Cheerios! Gotta love 'em. Fruit yogurt. An apple or a banana and I'm off to the Big Five with a Diet Coke for the road. By the weekend, though, I am a little tired of the Cheerio routine. I am ready for something special. Here are some of my favorite breakfast spots. You can't beat Brigs in Cary. Everything from the pancakes to the waffles to the omelets are awesome. Plus service is very good. I also love to treat myself to a Saturday morning breakfast at Big Ed's in Raleigh's City Market. Ed's got a killer veggie omelet with my name on it. My buddy from radio days Bob Inskeep and I get together for breakfast about once every five or six weeks at the State Farmer's Market Restaurant. Again I usually go for the omelets and they are excellent. The service staff is warm and jovial especially the kind lady who pronounces "grits" as "greets." I am also a big fan of breakfast at Chick-Fil-A. Those chicken biscuits are delicious. This past Saturday I tried the egg and sausage biscuits. Best of any fast food restaurant in my humble opinion. Hey, speaking of Cheerios? Have you heard of the Cheerio Diet? Cary financial planner Jack Lancaster says he's lost more than 12 pounds in recent weeks eating Cheerios for breakfast and lunch. I love those toasted O's but not that much. Well, if it works for you, go for it. Anyway, we will crown a Best Breakfast Place later this week.