I Am a River

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What are the best North Carolina rivers for trout fishing. What about canoeing and kayaking? And what about the best NC waterways for birdwatching? What are the healthiest rivers and those in need of better health? What are the most scenic rivers? For the next two weeks I am going to blog about North Carolina rivers and everyone who really gets into the flow will win a free CD! My love affair with NC rivers began as a child and intensified when I became the environmental reporter for WRAL News more than 17 years ago. Those wonderful waterways are the subject of a new CD I have just released. “I Am a River” is a compilation of 15 original songs including three vocals and 12 instrumental pieces. The tune titles will sound familiar to NC nature lovers. They include “Catawba,” “Nantahala,” “Pamlico,” “Cullasaja,” and “Pungo Gumbo.” The music I composed for the Tall Ships Festival last summer is also included in the release. In addition the river lullaby I wrote for Elizabeth Gardner’s daughter “Reese” is track nine on the CD. Every day for the next two weeks I will do a river blog. The person who responds with the most interesting related comment, reaction or story will win a copy of “I Am a River.” Also, I will conclude each daily blog entry with a question about North Carolina rivers. Those who email me with the correct answer will be eligible to win a "I Am a River" CD as well for that particular day. Okay. Are you ready for today’s question? Email your answer to Get it right and I will put your name in the hat.

I am a river. I received my name from the Indian word meaning “people of the river banks."
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