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What is the most beautiful river in North Carolina? Meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner answers that question by saying: "Whatever river you are on is the most beautiful." I think she is right. North Carolina is blessed with a meandering network of wonderful waterways from the mountains to the coast. I have had the pleasure of enjoying many of them in my travels as an enviromental reporter for WRAL. Many of these rivers inspired songs on my new CD "I Am a River." I will tell you how you can win a copy of this compilation of 15 original songs in just a minute. However, first I wanted to narrow down my list of North Carolina rivers that stand out with their sheer beauty. These are rivers not to be missed by those in need of nature's nourishment.

Cullasaja. It is pronounced KULL-uh-SAY-juh. A river that flows only in Macon County near Highlands. It is enhanced by a series of beautiful waterfalls. Breathtaking!

Eno River. Thanks to the heroic efforts of the late Margaret Nygard and others in the Triangle this river has been preserved from the onslaught of development. The Eno River State Park in Durham is a family delight.

Roanoke River. Martin County. The vast unbroken forest provides refuge to thousands of neotropical songbirds who fly here from Central and South America each year to nest. The feathery chorus in the trees is incredible in late April and early May.

New River. Ashe County. A Wild and Scenic River. See wild turkeys roaming the river banks as you take an innertube down this glorious river. Canoers love the New which is one of the oldest waterways in the world.

Black River. Great lazy river destination in Sampson and Pender counties with impressive forest canopy including bald cypress believed to be the oldest trees east of the Rocky Mountains.

Wilson Creek. My childhood favorite. Brown Mountain Beach beauty. Another wild and scenic river. Rises on the slopes of Grandfather Mountain in Avery County. Home of Thunderhole Rapids.

Pamlico River. Gorgeous sunsets along this wide river. Bathe in the beauty of Bath along the Pamlico in Beaufort County. Goose Creek State Park is a natural gem.

Let me hear more of your river recollections. We received some great ones yesterday. The person with the most interesting comments today will receive a copy of my new CD "I Am a River." Okay here is today's quiz. Email your answer to me at
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I am a river. I was named for the Indian word meaning “bad dust” or “much dust.” What is my name?