I Am a River - The Song

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"I Am a River" is a song and the title track of my new CD by the same name. I thought you might be interested in reading the lyrics to the song. For those of you who would like to be a bit adventurous you are welcome to write another verse to the poem or offer an intrepretation of the lyrics. Be brave. Be bold. There is no right or wrong. Judges are standing by ready to take your submissions and pick another literary winner in this ongoing contest. Also, we have a winner from last Friday's "I Am a River" quiz and a new question for today. Thank you again for making this such a fun and popular quiz. You have filled my mail box each and every and I appreciate that. Okay here are the lyrics.

"I Am a River" by Bill Leslie

I am a river flowing beside you,
I am a voice in your dream,
Water like honey,
Shimmering golden,
I am much more than I seem.

I am an ember faintly burning,
A fragment of love long ago,
Kindle my spirit,
And I will warm you,
You can feel your heart start to glow.

But you worry about the demon of darkness,
The snarling beast in the night,
With my release you will find peace,
Healing your wounds and mine.

I am a painter with prism and palette,
Sleeping inside of your soul,
Honor the purpose,
Cherish the wisdom,
And I will make you whole.

I am a meadow ablaze in crimson,
Come and rest with me here,
Bathe in the beauty,
Breathe in the fragrance,
And you will conquer your fear.

I am a river flowing beside you.

FRIDAY'S QUIZ WINNER: Michelle Fleer of Apex who knew that Lake Mattamuskeet, NC's largest natural lake, was part of the Tar-Pamlico river basin.

TODAY'S QUIZ QUESTION: I am a river. I flow by “the South’s prettiest town.” Who am I?

Email your answer to Get it right and I'll put your name in a hat to win a copy of the CD "I Am a River."