Favorite Thanksgiving Dessert

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If you could only have one dessert today for Thanksgiving dinner what would it be? Well, this morning I've been working up a voracious appetite slaving over a hot microphone here at the Big 5. Dinner will be served at 2:00PM at my house and I can't wait! We have a tradition here at WRAL. Each employee gets a free turkey each November. It helps make for a great feast for Thanksgiving. I love the turkey and all the trimmings but my real weakness is desserts. I was salivating heavily this morning as I took a poll of the WRAL newsroom. The question: What is your all-time favorite Thanksgiving dessert? Pumpkin pie was the clear winner followed by sweet potato pie and apple pie. What about you? If you could only have one dessert today what would it be? Going back to my childhood and moving forward to present day this is the Bill Leslie top five dessert line-up for Thanksgiving.

1. Cindy's pecan pie
2. Grandma's almond pound cake
3. Nanny's custard pie
4. Pumpkin pie
5. Matt's shortbread cookies
6. Apple pie with French vanilla ice cream