Manners Matter

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It's a no brainer. Or is it? Manners matter. When you're a merchant and someone orders and buys something you always say "thank you." Always. No exceptions. And when someone says "thanks" to you for something you respond "you're welcome." Saturday night I called in an order for pizza. Large mushroom and I will pick it up. I kept waiting for the young lady on the other end of the line to say "thank you." The only thing I got was “it’ll be ready in 25 minutes…click.” When I stopped by to pick up the pizza it was the same story. I handed over my money for the pizza, put some money in the tip jar and took my pizza. I said "thank you" but she said not a word.

Where have you experienced good and bad manners? Let us get the discussion started, please. Some of the best manners I encounter these days are at Chick-Fil-A where workers are taught to say “thank you” and “it’s my pleasure.” One thing I can’t understand is why, when you thank someone for something at a restaurant the waiter or waitress will likely say “no problem.” I didn’t say it was a problem. I am simply expressing gratitude for your service. Perhaps young people feel awkward saying "you're welcome." My parents were sticklers about manners in the work place as well as at home. They owned a popular Morganton store that sold books, wedding gifts, art supplies and greeting cards. They believed in respecting and keeping the customer satisfied. That meant good manners and good conversation. Thank you for listening. Please pass this along to others. No problem? Great!