Bill Leslie's Carolina Conversations

Dinner Guests Winner

Posted October 5, 2011 10:17 a.m. EDT

We loved all of your stories about five dinner guests. You made us laugh, think and cry. Thank you for sharing.


It was tough but we have chosen a winner – mntruax. Thank you for your touching story. We think you deserve a four pack to Scotty McCreery’s concert in Raleigh on Saturday.


Several of you wanted to know my five dinner guests. These are five people I haven’t met: (1) author and theologian Barbara Brown Taylor because she is one of my favorite writers. (2) billionaire Warren Buffett for investment advice and interesting stories. (3) composer Hans Zimmer because he is such an incredible tunesmith, (4) Michael Jordan because I would like to learn more about his competitive fire, and (5) comedian Jim Gaffigan so I could serve Hot Pockets and he would make us all laugh.