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Hubert de Givenchy expanded into the fragrance business 50 years ago using a famous face as inspiration: his muse, the late Audrey Hepburn.

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NEW YORK — Hubert de Givenchy expanded into the fragrance business 50 years ago using a famous face as inspiration: his muse, the late Audrey Hepburn.

L'Interdit was the first "celebrity" fragrance, created to honor the friendship between the designer and actress.

The company celebrates its history this season by reintroducing L'Interdit, which is dominated by the scents of jasmine and May rose, along with the house's other classic fragrances, Le De, Givenchy III and Eau de Givenchy for women, and Monsieur, Eau de Vetyver and Xeryus for men.

Now it's commonplace for celebrities to be linked to perfume. Top-tier actresses Hilary Swank, Keira Knightley and Kate Winslet all appear in advertisements, while Gwen Stefani, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez and Victoria and David Beckham have their own branded fragrances.

Givenchy also launched a new ad campaign for Very Irresistible Givenchy featuring Liv Tyler, who has been the perfume's public face since its creation in 2003.

Tyler says it's a compliment to be asked to follow in the footsteps of a legend like Hepburn. Among the things she admires most about Hepburn were her talent, naturalness and passion for life.

Hepburn's confidence - or at least her acceptance of who she was - is something Tyler, who calls herself "a real woman," strives for. "She was comfortable in her own skin."

Looking for your smell this season? Here are some new options:


-Very Michael Kors. This adds citrus, black plum and golden sugar cane to the white floral scent that is Kors' signature. Kors says it captures his essence: "I'm either the most outgoing or the shiest. I'm very casual but at the same time I kind of revere the classic and the traditional. I'm kind of jumpy and curious and, again, it's `Show me what's new' and `Show me what's a classic.'"

-Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol Silver Factory. This is the first in what will be a series of Warhol collectables by Bond No. 9, a brand devoted to bottling the smells inspired by New York City. The Warhol lineup will feature his favorite city haunts, beginning with the Silver Factory, more well known as the Factory, where Warhol did his thing.

The bottle's surface is a graphic image inspired by the famous Warhol Campbell's Soup Can. The smell inside aims to be a unisex mix of smoky and spicy blend of incense and seductive amber with floral notes of jasmine, iris and violet.

-DKNY Delicious Night. This seems made for a party girl: The opening note is a "cocktail" of the exotic citrus fruit pomelo, crushed ginger and blackberry martini, followed by florals and amber.

-Midnight Poison by Dior. An update to the 20-year-old Poison features earthy notes of patchouli, rose and amber.

-Fendi Palazzo. The base of this fragrance is the orange blossom mixed with other Mediterranean scents such as lemon and jasmine. The bottle features the facade of the real Fendi Palazzo in Rome.

-Elle by Yves Saint Laurent. A feminine fragrance for a cosmopolitan girl with notes of patchouli, litchi and freesia.

-Black Orchid Voile de Fleur by Tom Ford Beauty. As always with Ford, there's a hint of dark glamour with truffle, black currant and the orchid developed specifically for this fragrance. But the scent itself is lighter than the original Black Orchid thanks to a slew of white florals in the top note.

-My Insolence by Guerlain. Out from a delicate pink bottle comes a fresh raspberry note mixed with soft florals and a signature Guerlain base of patchouli, vanilla and tonka bean.

-Kelly Caleche by Hermes. The house's perfumer, after visiting the storage space for Hermes leathers, noted that some of the finest leathers actually had a floral scent. He aimed to put that smell in a bottle that also paid homage to the company's signature Kelly handbag with a turn-lock clasp.

-Daisy Marc Jacobs. It's a floral fragrance, of course, but the heart of the scent isn't the daisy, it's violet, with hints of strawberry, jasmine and white woods.

-Amalfi Flowers by Creed. Perfumers developed this fragrance at Villa Rufolo on Italy's Amalfi coast. In the garden they smelled citrus and floral notes, including lemon, orange and rose.

-Ann Taylor Possibilities. This is the first fine fragrance from the retailer. The feminine, floral notes include Bulgarian rose, waterlily and blue rose.

-Roxy. A fragrance intended for a daring young women, it uses the scents of grapefruit, lily and salty amber to mimic a sunny beach day. There is an eco-friendly accord worth noting, too - the extract from ylang flowers in Madagascar that were grown and harvested without pesticides or chemicals.

-Belle en Rykiel by Sonia Rykiel. This was actually developed by Sonia's daughter, Nathalie, who says she shuns trends and likes to go her own way. The fragrance opens with frankincense and lavender, and also features coffee blossom and mahogany.

-Vivara by Emilio Pucci. The first version of this "beach fragrance" was introduced in 1966; it comes back in 2007 with as a fresh green floral with bergamot, narcissus and iris.

-White Jasmine & Mint by Jo Malone. You guessed it, jasmine and mint straight from a British garden.


-Calvin Klein Man. The modern Man is minimalist and sexy, according to the company. In fragrance, that means crisp, spicy and woody notes like rosemary, spearmint and musk.

-Tom Ford for Men. Ford says he looked to create something unusual and complex with notes of lemon leaf oil, tobacco leaf and Cypriol, a root from India.

-Polo Explorer by Ralph Lauren. This uses notes from around the globe - South African mandarin, Cuban mahogany and Argentinian mate, among them - in the quest to balance ruggedness and refinement. Another note comes from sandalwood from the Australian Outback. For each sandalwood tree used in the fragrance, a new tree is being planted.

-F by Ferragamo Pour Homme by Salvatore Ferragamo. There's an Italian accent to this woody scent thanks to a lavender top note and base of labdanum, the resin of a shrub that grows in Mediterranean regions.

-Mustang. This scent is the result of a partnership between Estee Lauder's Aramis and Designer Fragrances division and Ford Motor Co. It's all about masculinity, with aromas of pipe tobacco, cedarwood and fir balsam.

-Colonia Intensa from Acqua di Parma. The target customer is a man who likes to surround himself with beautiful things - and appreciates the smells of bergamot, lemon, ginger and neroli.


-Le Petit Prince and La Rose Du Petit Prince. These alcohol-free fragrances aim to be "fresh" scents. Le Petit Prince, intended for boys and girls up to 10 years old, includes notes of orange and Lily of the Valley, while La Rose is for girls ages 6-10 with notes of clementine, orange and grapefruit.

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