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Pet's Name: Toby
Species: Dog
Breed: Pit bull / Hound Mix
Color(s): Black / Brown/ White
Last seen: Saturday, October 30th @ 2pm near the Neuse River in the vicinity of Neuse River Pkwy / Leonard Rd in Knightdale, NC.
Contact: 704-213-0406
Reward Offered: $100
Additional Information: Toby has a deep bark, but is friendly. He is a short haired pit bull / hound mix. His head is brown; body is predominately black with white on his chest & belly; and his legs are brown. He is wearing a choke chain collar with a leather strip woven through the links. Toby has a LONG tail - it has not been cropped. He comes when called and knows his name. Unfortunately Toby slipped out without his ID tags. Toby belongs to our son's girlfriend and has only been visiting us for the past 10 days and is not familiar with our neighborhood. Please let us know if you have seen Toby.



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