Help Find Rusty

Posted January 26, 2010 5:48 p.m. EST


Pet Name: Rusty

Pet Species: Dog

Last Seen: Knightdale

Additional Information:

Rusty was a rescued abused and negected dog that I fostered for over a year. Last weekend he was adopted by a loving couple in Knightdale. When his new Dad took him for a walk he slipped out of his collar and ran away. We are certain he is in the same area (there was a patch of woods). We searched for him all day yesterday and last night. We need help. I am sure he is terrified and he is definately not familiar with the area. HELP US PLEASE. I fostered Rusty through pretty tough times and finally got him to trust people. We need him back.He doesn't have a collar - so no identification. HELP ME PLEASE! Rusty has suffered enough - HE NEEDS TO BE FOUND!

Contact: Linda Gaudet - Office: 252-641-2386; Home: 252-883-5649