We Miss You, Maggie!

Posted July 18, 2008 9:01 a.m. EDT

Submitted by: The Jones family of Clayton

Maggie you passed away about a little over a year ago, and I thought that you deserved an ode.
You were our best friend. You protected us, and the other dogs.
Daddy misses you dearly. We wish that you could have stayed with us. We love you Maggie! We hope that you got to see our other dogs that have passed away.
(I would like to send an ode to them... Sun, Roxy... we love y'all... and miss y'all soo much. It has been a long time since you passed away , but you are still in our hearts...)
Maggie, we love and RIP....

Camille, Chloe, Mommy, Daddy, Casey, Tux, and Ziggy....