Dogs and the City

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A record numbers of moviegoers turned out to see the big screen adaptation of the hit HBO series Sex and the City this weekend. The movie, which focuses on the bond and companionship of four female friends, also features another variety of ‘best friend’ – dogs.

Charlotte (played by Kristin Davis), Samantha (played by Kim Catrall), and Miranda (played by Cynthia Nixon) all are the proud owners of dogs who reflect each of their characters personalities. Charlotte still owns her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel “Elizabeth Taylor,” a breed known for its elegance and versatility, but has added two high-energy Parson Russell Terriers to her family. In the movie Samantha adopts a rescued Yorkshire Terrier named “Baby,” a precocious toy breed known for it’s big-dog personality. Workaholic Miranda is mis-matched with a Border Collie, a herding breed that lives to work and is extremely intelligent.

“People who see Sex and the City may think about owning one of the dogs featured in the film,” said Lisa Peterson, AKC spokesperson. “Each of these wonderful breeds has its own distinct traits and personalities. “With 158 AKC recognized breeds to choose from, everyone can find a breed that reflects their own personality. But remember before you add a new member to your family, realize that ownership will be a 10-to 15-year commitment for the life of the dog”

The American Kennel Club wants to remind moviegoers about the importance of responsible dog ownership and doing research about different breeds before getting a dog. Keep these breed-specific characteristics in mind when choosing a canine companion:

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavaliers are house dogs who want to be with their human family members and will follow them from room-to-room. Puppies need socialization and training to become well-adjusted, well-trained members of the family.
This breed loves children who are gentle and well-behaved. Children who are loud, boisterous or rough may frighten the Cavalier. Never leave your child and your dog unsupervised.
Cavaliers are a long-haired breed and need regular grooming to avoid a tangled or matted coat
A fenced in yard is a must for a Cavalier. The gate must be secure enough at the bottom so the dog cannot slip or dig out from underneath and at least 4 feet tall.

Parson Russell Terrier

The Parson Russell Terrier is a perky, devoted, and loving dog. Spirited and obedient, yet absolutely fearless. They are friendly and generally kind to children who have been taught not to tease or strike the dog.
They like to chase and explore. Be careful not to let them off-leash unless they are very well-trained. The Parson Russell Terrier needs to be taken on a long, daily, brisk walk and tend to get restless and destructive if not kept occupied and exercised.
Parson Russell Terriers are very active indoors and will do best with at least an average-sized yard. If they are kept in an apartment, the dog should have a person home with it during the day unless the dog is crate trained.
They can be slightly difficult to train. A first-time owner may need the help of an experienced trainer. The Parson Russell needs early socialization and training in order to get along with other dogs.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies are a small toy breed that weighs approximately 3 to 7 pounds, yet behave like a big dog in a small body.
This breed loves to play and investigate and require much time and attention on a regular basis. If you are looking for a dog that is loyal and loves to be with its owners then a Yorkie dog would be a great breed to consider.
Yorkies are best with children who are gentle, well-behaved and over the age of six. Never leave your child and your dog unsupervised.
Yorkies are popular with those who live in large cities. Their small size makes them ideal for an apartment, however, they are just as comfortable in a larger house.
The Yorkie’s long, silky coat needs to be brushed every day so it won’t get matted. It will also need shampooing once a week and some trimming.

Border Collie

One of the most athletic, sheep herding dogs, the Border Collie, loves to work. They will herd almost anything that moves – including children, cars, and other dogs.
Border Collies are extremely high energy, need a lot of daily physical exercise, and constant mental stimulation to be happy. They are best suited with an athletic person or family that is ready to engage the dog in directed activities such as playing Frisbee or performing in agility competitions. If Border Collies aren't continuously challenged, they can easily become destructive in their boredom.
Border Collies do shed and require regular grooming.


The American Kennel Club