Oncology - Feline Lymphoma: Chemotherapy Followed by Radiation Therapy

Posted February 12, 2008 4:37 p.m. EST

Feline Lymphoma: Chemotherapy followed by Radiation Therapy

Description: Clinical study evaluating the normal tissue tolerance to radiation therapy following induction chemotherapy in casts with intra-abdominal high-grade lymphoma.

Eligibility: Cats with a cytologic or histologic diagnosis of high-grade gastrointestinal or multicentric lymphoma confined to the abdominal cavity; enrolled patients must be in complete remission following 6 weeks of induction chemotherapy; patients should have no evidence of preexisting hepatic or renal disease

Financial incentive: Costs associated with the complete blood count, serum biochemistry panel, and urinalysis performed at the beginning and end of radiation therapy are covered; enrolled patients will receive a $1300 credit towards the cost of radiation therapy

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