Ode to a Stray: Some of Us Do Care

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Submitted by: A Proud Mother of Raleigh

I want to brag on my Son, a little
Wednesday morning on his way to work on 540, a kitten ran across the high way and got hit. This happened a couple of cars ahead of my son.

The Kitten was still in the middle of the road and moving, so Chris pulled over as soon as he could and backed up on the side of the road to get the kitten. In doing this he backed right in to one of those concrete light poles. He knew he had hit the pole but was more concerned about the kitten that motorists were straddling on the highway.

He took the kitten and headed to North wake animal hospital in Wake Forest. The Vet there pronounced the poor kitten dead. When Chris left he went around to check out the damage to his vehicle. Not good.

He hit the pole harder than he thought. Right now the estimate is between 3 and 5 thousand dollars worth of damage. He didn't fuse about the damage to his vehicle he was more concerned about the kitten that died. Between Chris, my daughter Sharry and myself we have 4 cats and 3 dogs all different ages that people have abandoned.
We had 2 more that we lost around the Christmas Holiday basically do their age.
Chris did this out of the kindness of his heart and will be paying for this for a few years because of the insurance damages. But if was to happen again tomorrow that if an animals life was endangered he would help them again, he had no regrets.

My son is 30 years old his name is Chris Cunningham, and he is My Hero today