VPI Pet Insurance Tackles Myths About Insuring Your Pet

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Myth: Pet insurance works the same as an HMO.
Fact: No, they actually work differently. With a VPI policy you can:
-See any licensed veterinarian worldwide versus see certain doctors.
-Pay at the time of service versus make a co-pay.

-File a VPI claim for reimbursement versus using a medical card and number.

Myth: I should wait to purchase pet insurance until my family talks it over.

Fact: VPI offers a 10-day money-back guarantee. This offers you the opportunity to discuss it with your family without delaying the enrollment process.

Myth: Pet insurance is more expensive than my health insurance.*

Fact: Pet insurance is much less expensive than human health insurance. Employers typically pay 80% - 90% of an employee's health insurance. A government survey* showed that small companies paid an average premium of $3,003.31 per employee for health insurance coverage. However, the average contribution by an employee was only $396.12. A VPI policy can cost less than $1 a day.

*Source: 2000 Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Survey

Myth: I should wait until my pet is older to purchase pet insurance. *

Fact: Young pets are like babies and toddlers. They lack full coordination, so they are more likely to fall. They aren't experienced in knowing which situations can hurt them. And they are so small they don't know when they're in the way. It's always better to enroll them when they're young and before pre-existing conditions develop, or accidents and illness occurs.

Myth: Pet insurance seems expensive.

Fact: Without VPI, you're looking at possibly thousands of dollars in unexpected bills due to illness, accident and injury. In most cases, a VPI policy costs less than $1 a day.

Myth: An indoor pet won't have many health problems. *

Fact: There is no such thing as a "pet-proofed" home. Potential hazards loom even in the best protected homes. How many times has a pet been injured when they have accidentally gotten out of the house? It is always better to prepare for the unexpected.

Myth: Filing a claim is difficult.

Fact: It's easy to file a claim.
See any licensed veterinarian or specialist worldwide.
Pay for the visit at the time of service.
Have an authorized veterinary staff member fill out the claim form by listing the diagnosis and signing it.
Sign and mail the claim form with the original veterinary invoice to VPI.

Myth: Instead of pet insurance, I can just start saving now for a pet illness or emergency.*

Fact: Good intentions are great, but how many of us carry through? Besides, if an emergency occurs in the next few months and you've only saved a few dollars, you won't have the money needed for treatments or surgery. Most pet families aren't prepared to put aside that much money at one time for pet illnesses or accidents.

Myth: If pet insurance is important I would have already heard about it.

Fact: VPI has been protecting America's pets since 1982. Licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, our VPI family is growing every day because pet owners like you want the best protection for their pets.

Myth: I can't afford to insure all of my pets.

Fact: We'll help. We offer the Multi-Pet Discount. You can save 5 - 10 % when you enroll more than one pet. VPI also offers a convenient monthly payment plan.

Myth: Pet insurance is only for cats and dogs.

Fact: From chinchillas to parrots to guinea pigs to birds, we cover many other pets with the VPI Avian & Exotic Pet Plan. The plan is available in most states and offers affordable coverage for lab fees, treatment, prescriptions, x-ray, surgery and more.

*Editors Note: VPI is one of many pet insurers. Much of the information provided focuses on their specific offerings. Please refer to some of the other pet insurance companies through the links above for additional information.