Ode to Pets

For Johndog

Submitted by: Diane Sanders of Littleton

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Submitted by: Diane Sanders of Littleton

For Johndog:

Seven years ago
I spotted you

On the roadside

You looked so lost and afraid

And I knew you must be hungry.

Approaching scared you--
Someone taught you fear

And it angered me.

For days
I left you food

Hoping to ease your hollow ache.

Then somehow you were broken, and only then Could I cradle you in my arms And give you comfort as you Took your last breaths.

But you rallied
Much to my amazement
And you healed (body and spirit)

You trusted me!

You bonded with a Bassett--
I smiled every time

You sang duets.

You accepted other lost souls
Who begged refuge at our address--
Surely you whispered in dog speak:

You'll be safe, it's good here.

When it's time to go,
I'll seek comfort knowing I gave you love.

Every bit as much As you gave me.


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