Ode to Pets

We loved you, Luke

Posted December 9, 2009 1:20 p.m. EST

Submitted by: Diane Sanders of Littleton

He left us way too soon
I am still a little stunned by his absence And I'm sadder than I expected I'd be.

His time with us was brief
Still, he bonded with the pack
And with Otis
And with us.

His bark was unmistakable
Bellowing his insistence
That a belly rub
Was crucial to his happiness.

And his ears!
They were an entity unto themselves
Leaving slobbery trails
In his wake.

He lived for attention
Whining for a voice
Directed his way in greeting.

In all his enormous glory
He tiptoed under bushes
Thrilled to think
He could not be seen.

Yet he was stubborn
And quirky
Seemingly proud of his uniqueness.

And to Otis
He was more than a mate
He humbly led the way
When things went dark.

And though the affectionate heart
Of this gentle beast is still,
I smile at the love
He left behind.