Ode to Pets

We will miss you, Orangie!

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Submitted by: Cammie and Kent Eastwood of Durham

We remember when you and your sister first showed up in 2005.
Cammie began feeding you and the both of you would came every night to eat. All you wanted was food and a little attention.
We had you spayed and you became our outside furry friend. Still just as fierce and weary as you were a feral cat.
In the hot summer Cammie would put ice in your water and in the winter warm water and a warm place for you to sleep.
I will miss you following me to get the morning paper and Cammie will miss you as you came for your feeding and would let her touch your nose and a rub your back .
Cammie put flowers on your grave today.

We Will Miss You, Orangie.



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