Ode to Pets

To My "G-Unit"

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Grunt G. Bagwell

Submitted by: Kelli Bagwell of Swift Creek

At first, you were a replacement for a love that died
For now and forever, I want you by my side
With me till the day one of us passes
Side by side, rejecting the masses

For writing this to you now makes me cry
Cry for the love lost that died
Cry for the love that I feel inside
For the day that I face when you die

In the beginning, this was about your loyalty
For now and forever, this is about my loyalty
When I stop, you are there
When I go, you are there

Even when another loves me
Yet you are there with understanding
Letting me be me
By my side until the ending

At the start, I pondered the inside
So full of life and a chest full of pride
My playmate when life seems solo
My soul mate in life when I've lost my halo

Even when another loves you
Yet you love me tried and true
I will return the same with loyalty
Till the end I promise to be here for you

**A special thanks to the NCSU Vet Hospital for saving the most loyal dog on the planet. A few months ago he came down with a fatal infection. He survived the infection but lost one of his eyes and is blind in the other. Thanks to the wonderful treatment and care from the vets at NCSU, he's doing great!

He is a 5 year old Australian Cattle Dog with many nick names such as G-man, G-unit, Moondoggie, GG, G-meister, G-Funky, Gruntford, Grunt Grunt, Grunt G. Bagwell, and many others.



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