Ode to Pets

Goodbye Betty

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Submitted by: ML of Raleigh

While I am an advocate of pet adoption (I've adopted 3 over the years), I raised Betty from a puppy.
She was the greatest dog, and blessed my life with 13 great years.
She was always sweet, kind and accepting of my adopted pets.
Since moving into my new home on June 29th, things got harder for Betty. She had to learn to use a ramp to get from the yard to the deck, and to navigate new surroundings. She amazed me with her bravery and willingness to try. She wanted nothing more than to make her mom happy-which she did her whole life.
It's only been a few days since she's been gone, and I miss her terribly-and so do my little terrier Lucy and Babs the evil cat.
We were a strong family unit, and my heart is filled with intense grief.

I know I'll be reunited with her again, as well as my other companions. I look forward to that day!

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