Ode to Pets

Feathers for Moon Pie

Posted June 6, 2007 8:51 a.m. EDT

Submitted by: Jim & Candy Howard of Durham

"Feathers for Moon Pie."

A flamingo's soft pink,
A cardinal's red.
Feathers from tails,
The wings, and the head.

Feathers from hawks,
Feathers from owls, Feathers from blue jays, And all waterfowl.

Wherever the feather, Whatever the flavorm However they're come by- They're all hers to savor!

Our Moon Pie's not choosy:
Just wants them to fall
Right into her claws-
She plays with them all!

Should another approach her-
Encroach on her play-
She runs with her feather
To get far away.

For caring and sharing
Are not words she knows.
If another's not careful,
It's claws to the nose!

She hovers and covers
Her prize to her breast.
Those feathers are HERS
And don't you forget!