Ode to Pets

On the Passing of MeNew, My 3-Legged-Cat

Posted May 18, 2007 8:37 a.m. EDT

Submitted by: Ann McKelvey of Durham

MeNew was a 3 legged orange tabby who captured my heart in Feb. 2001. She was in a no-kill pet sanctuary about an hour away from my home in Oklahoma. When I met her, she was about 7 months old and had been there less than a week. It was love at first sight.
I was unable to take her right then because she had just been spayed. The following weekend I was ill, the weekend after that she had a cold. The 4th weekend, she was still there and I knew she was meant to be mine. She had been abused and was afraid of people for the first year. Then she became a love bug, but still very shy of others.
She knew that if she was in my arms, I would protect her when others wanted to pet her.
She loved to play with frogs (never hurt them), to catch flies in mid-flight and she learned to stay away from Canada geese after she got too close to one and was chased into a small stream.
Just over 2 weeks ago I had to put her to sleep because she was well into renal failure and down to 6 pounds.
I miss her a lot.
She was almost 17 years old and was my protector, my best friend and my watch cat. Now I wait for an another kitty to find me and remember how much she enriched my life. I know she is healed and running on all 4 legs with the other kitty angels.