Ode to Pets

In Loving Memory of "Angel"

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I write this with a heavy heart.

I was on the way home from work on Monday and saw a dog lying in the middle of a busy road. Cars were swerving by...too busy to stop. I am passionate about animals. I stopped my car and saw this beautiful dog was still breathing and alive. There is no telling how long he was lying in the middle of the road crying, scared and in pure agony. There was no way I was going to leave this beautiful dog. I flagged people down (almost getting hit myself) and three good samaritans stopped. We got him on the side of the road and waited an hour for animal control to get there. He was crying and in agony. The officer rushed him to the NCSU Vet. School. The wonderful vet called me at home that night because I had all intentions of fostering this boy through animal rescue and getting him a wonderful home (if not my own). Well, unfortunately, complications occurred with his recovery. The car that hit him not only fractured his back leg, bruised his lungs and caused terrible nerve damage, it also broke his spirit. I visited this boy last night at the vet school. I held him in my arms, kissed him at least 25 times and fed him his last meal. He cried the entire time but I looked him in the eyes and told him he was loved and I would see him in heaven. I kept reassuring him I loved him. If we would have kept him alive it would have been impossible for him to walk. I would like to call this boy Angel. At the very end of his life Angel knew he was loved and had me to eventually reunite with him for eternity. God bless all the strays out there that suffer. Please don't look the other way. We have to be the animals voice. God bless this precious beautiful boy.

Love your animals, treat them with respect and dignity. It speaks volumes about your character.

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