Ode to Pets

My Sweet, "Maxi Boo"

Posted April 18, 2007 1:17 p.m. EDT
Updated April 24, 2007 4:21 p.m. EDT

Submitted by: Amy Wood of Benson

My sweet, sweet Maxi Boo has now passed away

Your big brown eyes and your crooked smile are in my thoughts each day

No longer will you wait for me in your pet carrier happy to see me

No longer will you run back and forth through the house so free

No longer will you be able to play with your Kong ball for hours at the time

No longer will you hold your toys tight and snare at Harley like "This is MINE"

No more opening the back door at lunch so you can lay in the sunshine

No more running to the dryer after it clicks to lay in the hot towels for a while

No more lunch time walks in the sunshine and your moments to wallow

No more begging for human food at lunch that you just seemed to swallow

No longer do I hear your toenails tapping across the floor

No more sad eyes at the table for a bite to eat and bouncing up and down for more

No more scaring mama in the middle of the night with your loud intimidating bark

No more stealing mama's flip flops so you could leave a few teeth marks

No more sneaking into the bathroom and stealing the T.P. but only if you could reach

No more squeaking that dang orange kong alien that had the worst screech

No more snuggling on the couch with mama at night

No more scratching for minutes in bed until you got your spot just right

No more tail wagging so hard just because mama would speak to you

No more sidelong glances while trying hard to ignore me...you were so cute

No more shaking and slapping
your toys round and round like you were such a big boy

No more defurring, pulling the cotton and squeaker out your toys

Mostly, no more sleeping side by side and feeling your warmth every single night

No more anything except so much heartache and emptiness

Good-bye my sweet sweet boy, you were the sweetest dachshund in the world....

I pray you know that Mama tried to save you and I hope you know how great my love was and will always be for you. I was so proud of you "little scoot".

I have so much guilt to overcome now and I hope I can...for I took you to the beach for vacation not knowing you would never come back to your home again.