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Franklin County

Posted December 14, 2007 12:15 a.m. EST

Rolling with the times

Divided into ten townships, Franklin County has offered fine living since 1779. This county claims its home in the green piedmont region of North Carolina. You can take your postcards off the mantle, because incredible scenery is right out your window. And for a change of view, Franklin County is just 32 miles from RDU Airport and 35 miles from the Research Triangle Park.

Staying true to its history, agriculture, lumber, and textiles form the foundation of the local economy. However, Franklin County continually expands its perspective, like many surrounding areas, due to the proximity of the Research Triangle Park. This vibrant town offers an ideal setting for family life... two athletic parks, strong community life, two local colleges, and easy access to three world class universities. Come discover what lies within the view.