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If you've ever wanted to live in a small village tucked away in the hills of Tuscany, but also longed for the convenience of city living— this could be your moment. A new, luxury condominium project is being planned to combine these lifestyles in a completely unique and very desirable location - overlooking the Brier Creek golf course.

At the Villa Tuscany at Brier Creek, you’ll be able to stroll along sycamore-lined cobblestone promenades reminiscent of a European town square. The atmosphere of an Italian piazza will combine with resort-like amenities such as outdoor dining overlooking the lagoonstyle pool, lush with plants and highlighted by a swim-up bar. A waterfall splashing near the central piazza restaurant’s patio will provide ambiance at the several restaurants replete with outdoor seating.

In the morning, friends can meet for coffee and croissants. A gourmet grocery, a gelatoria, a bar with live music, and professional offices will make up the lower levels. Amenityfilled condominiums, ranging from 1,800 to 2,400 square feet will comprise the middle floors. And in the style of New York and Rome penthouses, several exquisite homes will be built right on the roof itself, complete with trees and each with a 5,000 square foot, piazza-style patio.

Not that you’d ever want to leave, but you might be persuaded occasionally, since, according to developer Clyde Bond, the first thirty of these homes to be reserved comes with an annual week at a stunning villa, near Lucca, Italy.

Brian Cather of Planworx Architecture is the project manager of Villa Tuscany and part of the design team involved with Bond in the conceptual design of the project. Cather describes the ambiance they are trying to create.

“Clyde’s vision and passion for a European feel has really driven this project,” says Cather. “He and his team have brought us ideas and desires that have prompted us to design amenities into these condominiums, such as deep balconies that are partially covered, indoor/outdoor fireplaces, and technology that invites you to be an active part of your building’s community. There are gathering areas within the building where you can get together with friends and neighbors to socialize, watch a movie, play cards, etc. One of Clyde’s most innovative ideas is the ‘front-in, front-out’ private garage. With this garage configuration, you can open the door to your personal garage and pull straight in. Then when you’re ready to leave, open up the garage door at the opposite end and pull straight out into a centralized driveway with no backing up required.”

According to Cather, “All of these amenities, as well as others, will make Villa Tuscany the most desirable address in the Triangle.”

Marc Mills, partner in Planworx, is the overall project architect. He says, “Our design is based on Clyde’s ideas, the live/work/enjoy atmosphere, with fitness, restaurants and a lot to do both on and off the premises.

“The Tuscan flavor of the project has a lot to do with how the indoor and outdoor spaces relate to one another. There will be plenty of opportunity to be outside in the plazas, to get into the sun and enjoy the grounds.

“We’re incorporating an Old World feel that will be both new and have the presence of a building that has been around for many years. It will be an inviting interpretation of Tuscany, envisioned in a contemporary way.”

Marti Hampton, President of RE/MAX One Realty, says, “This is a fabulous property. It is in a supreme location—so close to everything— and this area has the highest appreciation in all of Wake County. Clyde has wrapped luxury condos, easy access to the airport and shops into an urban lifestyle. This is something that has been missing in our market.”

“Also, these graciously sized units are very hard to find in our market. Clyde has worked out the floor plans so that there is a wonderful wash of light, large porches, and expansive views so that you aren’t missing the outside while you are inside enjoying your condo,” Hampton adds.

She says, “People will really enjoy being able to have coffee and reading the paper downstairs in the cafe, having their friends over for a pool party, (without the expense of maintaining a pool,) and being able to bike or walk to ten different restaurants.”

Clyde Bond explains his rationale, “Brier Creek is a great location. The nearness to the airport allows someone to be on a plane in merely minutes. This new building will put residents in their villa very quickly after landing. Villa Tuscany is packed with wonderful and innovative features, but perhaps the aspect that means the most is very personal— the emotions that flow from the feel of Europe. This project is meant to attract those who have traveled; to evoke the casual, relaxed lifestyle of the piazza after work, enjoying wine, or strolling with friends and family.”

According to Hampton, “Clyde is a visionary, he’s very good at finding the edge, and he’s really encompassed today’s lifestyle with this great property.”

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