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A Wholesome Community

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A Wholesome Community

The town of Mebane straddles Alamance and Orange County. With 85 and 40 running right through it, living in Mebane gives you easy access to all the luxuries of North Carolina living...the beautiful coastline, the astounding mountains, and the booming metropolis of the Triangle. And if travel is on your mind, Mebane gives you a few options of how to jet set in style. This town is located between the international airports of both Greensboro and the Raleigh/Durham airport.

Mebane is a city in transition, located in one of the fastest growing areas in North Carolina. They are constantly welcoming new businesses, homes, and people into their community. So what better a place to follow your dream of opening your own store or finally getting you dream home, white picket fence and all! Don’t move to Mebane if you’re not community minded, because Mebane strongly encourages their residents to become active in various civic, social, and religious groups. And their Department of Parks and Recreation is committed to providing wholesome entertainment for the whole family. Mebane even boasts their own festival...the Mebane Annual Dogwood Festival. This celebration comes complete with its own car show, golf tournament, 5K race, carnival rides, and wine release.

So if you’re looking for a great place to achieve your goals and raise a family, Mebane provides all of the opportunities you’re looking for.

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