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Posted August 22, 2007 9:13 p.m. EDT

Granville County is the east coast’s halfway point between New York and Florida; so what better a place to stop by, settle down, and experience good country living? What makes this county so unique is the rural backdrop amidst a metropolitan area. Granville County is only a thirty minute drive from the world’s largest research complex and popular hotspot, the Triangle. And with 85 running right through it, this community has easy access to all the amenities of big city living.

Granville County is an exceptional area to nurture family life. There are sixteen schools in the area, 4 being schools of distinction. For those students who are exceptionally motivated, they can participate in an early graduation program. Also, members of the community have formed the Granville Education Foundation, which is committed to improving the quality of education for students.

So what is there to do for fun here? Put on your sunblock and get your fishing gear, because there are 10 lakes in and around Granville County! The area is also famous for its Soldiers Memorial Arena. Originally built as a place for comfort for soldiers during WWII, it is now used as a gathering place for the whole community. They also boast the Granville Athletic Park . . . “Plenty of room. Plenty of clean air. The sound of people at play.” So take a deep breath and find comfort in your new community minded home.